Sunshine 89

Sunshine 89

Kevin Boddy

Swing Host

I grew up in Barrie, Ontario and was always travelling to Orillia. My favourite things in life are music and movies. In high school, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in broadcasting. When it was time to pick a college and a program, I decided to ship out to London, Ontario and take Radio Broadcasting at Fanshawe College. I learned so much there, made a lot of friends, and it truly prepared me for the radio business. While in school during the summer, I started working at Bayshore Broadcasting, and now I’m here at Sunshine!

Born: Oshawa, 1997

Real ambition: Have my own Movie Podcast!

Favourite phrase: Be yourself!

First Job: Working at a Burger Joint

Before Sunshine: Worked at 97.7 the Beach as well as attended Fanshawe College!

What you love about being on the radio: I love being able to communicate with our local community. I also love listening to fantastic music, and sometimes getting to talk about my other passion which is movies.

Hidden talent: I don’t know if this is a talent, but I can binge watch tv shows faster than anyone I know.

Pets: 4. 3 Cats and 1 dog. However, 3 of those pets are actually my parents.

Favourite place in Orillia: Mariposa Market! Oh… and Sunshine 89 of course!

Your perfect day: Not to hot outside, but also not to cold



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